political philosophy

A "political philosophy" also known as a political ideology incorporates views on ethics, civics and morality into a unified thesis.

Openpolitics.ca maintains articles on 8 "Modern" political philosophies - see the Political Personality Quiz

Seepolitical philosophy in Wikipedia for a more detailed article including a comprehensive history.

Requirements for a political philosophy

A political philosophy should include:

It may also include:

  • a detailed conception of human rights to codify the limits of the methods employed
    • a statement of duties undertaken by all to uphold these
  • an ecological philosophy? defining the role of the natural world in human life
  • an ontology or meaning of life?
  • a code of conduct for its adherents.
  • a theory of governance - how a state? or groups of people should manage themselves.
  • a manifesto? which summarizes the philosophy to win converts.
  • an epistemology? which explains what truth and knowledge mean.

For a list of political philosophies, see political philosophies

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